Boom Here It is!

is the magic mix we made with Le Cube`s team of artists to create 
the key visuals for this catchy video. My work as usual was to direct 
the art and lead some of the most talented artists to create colorful
designs and shake the dance floor in the way

Hope you enjoy it!

Director: Ralph Karam
EP: Juanma Freire, Gustavo Karam
Line Producer: Fernanda Soma
Animation Director: Mariano Fernandez Russo
Art Director: Santiago Oddis
Illustrators: Oddis, Matheus Muniz, Vicente Ziegler
Compo: Vicente Zeigler
2D Animators: Kate Pryor, Cintia Czeszczewik, Emmanuel Zampalo, Pablo Rago
Clean Up: Juliana Gorgati, Julieta Culaciati, Juan Pablo Barbieri


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